RPM Challenge starts on Monday. Breaking it down. I’d better stop reading and putting off doing and start writing first drafts.
I’ve been brainstorming and listing and resisting my unwillingness to write plainly. And while reading the words that should get me going, I wish they didn’t belong to me. I wish they were sent to me by someone else.
By the end of February, I won’t be allowed to speak secretively anymore. Poems will be out in the open.

In the meantime –

Ingmar Bergman’s dämoner list: disaster, fear, rage, pedantry, punctuality and order, grudge.

Cesar Wolf is throwing a party
For the soldiers in his house
To fend off fines, he throws a party
Much to the mercenaries’ delight
That’s when – like Lucifer came falling from his throne – he comes wobbling down the stairs
One man – mercy taken from his hands – drags him deeper in debt

In fact, it’s Cesar Wolf who’s told me
Falling back on wilful songs
It doesn’t help – that’s what he told me
Most wilful songs still get it wrong
Remember – privileged though, Orpheus walked the road – how Orpheus drifted on
How in an orgy – raging women, sticks and stones – he was ripped to shreds at dawn

No, I won’t put up the good fight
With a soldier or his faith
We are poets and told to be quiet
If we’re not to rue the day.

Adaptation of ‘A um Amigo’ – original text written by Luís de Camões.

To the memory of David Bowie