Cesar Wolf is throwing a party
For the soldiers in his house
To fend off fines, he throws a party
Much to the mercenaries’ delight
That’s when – like Lucifer came falling from his throne – he comes wobbling down the stairs
One man – mercy taken from his hands – drags him deeper in debt

In fact, it’s Cesar Wolf who’s told me
Falling back on wilful songs
It doesn’t help – that’s what he told me
Most wilful songs still get it wrong
Remember – privileged though, Orpheus walked the road – how Orpheus drifted on
How in an orgy – raging women, sticks and stones – he was ripped to shreds at dawn

No, I won’t put up the good fight
With a soldier or his faith
We are poets and told to be quiet
If we’re not to rue the day.

Adaptation of ‘A um Amigo’ – original text written by Luís de Camões.

To the memory of David Bowie